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Preparing For Your Visa Interview? Know What To Expect! 

Getting the notification of your visa interview date can be exciting as well as scary because you do not want to ruin your chances. It is absolutely necessary to make sure you arrive at the right time, wear the right clothes, and most importantly, say the right things. One wrong word and you won’t be able to travel to that country. 

Knowing what you can expect when you reach the venue on the scheduled date can perhaps help you mentally prepare for the day. For additional information on visa interviews or help during the immigration process, a Dallas visa attorney can help. 

What to expect at your visa interview? 

  • Your arrival. 

The first thing you should take care of is arriving at the US Embassy at least 20-30 minutes before your scheduled interview time. If you need special assistance due to some disabilities, you are required to contact the embassy and request them to arrange for special accommodations. 

  • Things you can and cannot bring. 

There are certain things you need to bring and things you should not bring at all. Before they allow you to enter the consulate, you will be required to show your appointment letter, original passport, and US visa fee receipt to the staff. It is suggested to have everything ready so that you do not keep them waiting. 

Things that you may not be allowed to take inside include all electronic equipment, sealed envelopes, bottles, backpacks, food, perfumes, sprays, and dangerous items. 

  • Security check and fingerprint verification. 

You will go through a full-body security check. After that, you will be given a token for your interview. Then you will be asked to verify your fingerprints. After that is done, you will sit in the waiting area and wait for your turn. 

  • The interview. 

You will know it is your turn for the interview when you hear your name being called out. You need to take all the documents you brought and head over to the interviewer. The interviewer will be sitting behind a glass window, and both of you will be speaking through a microphone. A slot below will let you exchange the documents. 

The interviewer will ask you several questions. Answer them truthfully and do not provide more information than asked. If the interview is successful, the interviewer should let you know immediately. 

  • Denied visa. 

In case your interview does not go well and they deny your visa or put it on hold, the officer will let you know. Hiring a Dallas visa attorney can help you avoid mistakes that result in delays like this. It will ensure easy approval of your visa. 

If you are nervous about the visa application process, contact an attorney today. 

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