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A car accident lasts only a couple of seconds but the injuries sustained can hamper the person for the rest of their lives. Sometimes the injuries sustained are so catastrophic that the victim is not able to return to their pre-accident employment. However, if you or your loved one has been in a car accident you must reach out to a Car Accident Lawyer Toronto as soon as possible. Especially if the injuries sustained are quite serious then the lawyer will help you from filing the claim to determining the options of disability benefits that are available to you. In this post, we will be discussing what to do when you are unable to return to work after a car accident.

After having sustained serious injuries, you are piled up with medical bills and job loss. There is emotional, physical and financial stress that the victim goes through. If you have been able to take time off work because of the injuries then some options are available to you. Some laws are present to protect your rights and ensure that your loss of income has been covered. Below are some options that can help cover your finances when you have been unable to work due to catastrophic injuries or been disabled because of the accident.

Canada Pension Plan CPP Disability

The Canada Pension Plan CPP has been designed for individuals below the age of 65 and can afford to make regular contributions to the Canada Pension Plan. This will help the individual to qualify for benefits when they have been disabled during a car accident. One can only qualify for this benefit when the victim has a ‘severe and prolonged’ disability due to the injuries sustained during the accident. To claim this disability plan, one must also have contributed to the plan in 4 years out of the last 6 years or 3 of the last 6 years.

Employment Insurance Plan

This program gives rise to the opportunity of your insurance plan paying your employer some sort of a disability benefit. To claim this type of insurance program, you need to be employed at the time of the injuries. Along with that, the reduction in your per week earing should be more than 405 and you need to meet the criterion set for the sickness benefits. Once you meet all the necessary thresholds, would you qualify for this employment insurance plan.

Income Replacement Benefits

This benefit is provided to the victim under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule. It is a mandatory provision that exists in all car insurance policies. When you qualify for this benefit you receive the income replacement amount for 104 weeks after the accident has taken place. You would be receiving payments bi-weekly from the insurance policy. This benefit has been specially designed to make up for the lost income. The maximum limit one can get is $400 per week. Mostly, the amount is dependent on your yearly income.

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