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Distracted Driving: What Victims can Suffer and Do

Too often, drivers perform several tasks at the same while behind the wheel. However, drivers are expected to focus only on the road and maintain a reasonable distance from other cars. They should pay attention to traffic signs and drive their car at a safe speed. However, negligent drivers allow distractions while driving such as texting, taking phone calls, or interacting with passengers. Unfortunately, these behaviors can lead to serious car crashes. Keep reading to know the common causes of distracted driving accidents. If you suffered injuries in this kind of accident, you must call Los Angeles car accident attorneys to discuss the facts of your case.

When Distracted Driving Happens

A driver is distracted when they allow any kind of distraction to interfere with their driving. Drivers of any age can be distracted while behind the wheel; however, distracted driving is particularly common in younger, less experienced drivers. 

Texting and talking on a phone are among the major causes of distracted driving crashes. Sending a text message or taking a call, is a manual, visual, and cognitive form of driving distraction.  

Other Kinds of Distracted Driving Accidents

Drivers can also be distracted when they are trying to reach something inside their cars. Whenever they take their hands off the steering wheel and road, they increase their risk of accidents. Some drivers may also be playing with controls like adjusting the AC or changing a radio station. Eating, drinking, and smoking while driving are also activities that can become particularly dangerous when the driver needs to bend or reach a dropped item. 

Common Injuries Victims of Distracted Driving Accidents Can Sustain

People involved in this type of accident can sustain serious injuries because of the distracted driver’s failure to see the crash coming. Because of this, they may fail to respond properly or step on the brake to reduce the impact. Injuries such as traumatic brain injury, internal bleeding, spinal cord injury, fractures, burns, and soft tissue damage are life-changing and quite common in distracted driving accidents. 

Should Victims Hire a Lawyer?

Distracted driving is an unsafe behavior that indicates a driver’s failure to maintain their duty of care to other road users. This is the reason victims of these drivers can pursue compensation for the injuries they sustain in the crash. An attorney will make sure the victim can focus on their treatment and recovery while their lawyer handles the legal matters for them. 


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