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Ways To Prevent Child Abuse In Custody Agreement

Divorce is one of the most painful circumstances one could process. Both spouses, family members, and children can get affected significantly. Mental trauma is often generated as a result of the divorce. However, physical abuse can take place during the divorce. 

If your spouse is physically abusing the child, it would be a must to contact a gig harbor divorce attorney and pursue actions against the deed. Child abuse might be encountered when parents fight over the child’s custody. Apart from legal action, specific ways are using which you can prevent child abuse during the custody agreement. 

  • Signs 

Before you decide to do anything about the matter, it would be beneficial for the parent to know the signs of child abuse. Some instances can indicate the beginning of child abuse. If you can spot these signs, you can significantly prevent child abuse. One of the most common signs of child abuse is unexplained injuries. 

Other signs like depression, anxiety, fear of a particular adult, difficulty in making friends or trusting others, sudden changes in eating and sleeping pattern, etc., can help you identify child abuse. It would help if you looked out for these signs in your child. If you find one of the signs accurate, it would be best to pay close attention to the child and hire a divorce attorney in Gig Harbor to pursue action. 

  • Prevention programs 

Generally, intervention might occur after abuse is reported. Although, it would be more helpful if the parent invests their time in programs that are known and proven to stop child abuse before it occurs. Family counseling programs and home visits by nurses who provide assistance and care for parents can help you in preventing child abuse. 

  • Cause 

You must know what type of child abuse is in your case and why. For instance, physical and sexual abuse is constituted as maltreatment. Many people might not know this, but neglect and the failure of a parent or caregiver to take care of the child is also termed abuse. 

The child must receive appropriate care, food, clothing, and shelter. Lastly, a child might feel emotionally abused when berated, rejected, or isolated. Knowing the cause and taking further steps to prevent abuse would be most helpful. 

  • Teaching children 

Another effective way to prevent child abuse is by teaching children their rights. You must prepare and make the child understand that they are exceptional and have the right to be safe. Once children are taught about their rights, they will be more likely to report abuse compared to children who are unaware of the latter. 

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