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October 2, 2023
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Tips To Negotiate With Your Insurer In A Personal Injury Case

Accidents can be a traumatic experience for everyone, especially if it leaves you with life-altering injuries and health conditions. While dealing with all that, you still have to take care of your additional expenses after the accident. For example, medical bills, loss of income, financial security for the future, etc. 

You may depend on the insurance company to provide financial aid, and while it is your right to seek compensation from them, they won’t make it any easier for you. The insurer is dedicated to saving the company’s money, even if it is your insurance policy. 

So to deal with the insurance company, you will need a louisville injury attorney by your side. A personal injury lawyer will explain your rights and how you should cooperate with the insurance company. 

Tips for negotiating with your insurance provider 

Here are some tips you will need while negotiating with your insurance provider in a personal injury claim.

  • Check the document thoroughly before signing them.

Make sure you are careful about signing documents with your insurance company. For example, if the insurance company asks for authorization to check your medical records and bill, go through the papers carefully before signing them. It would be even better if you get them checked with your lawyer once too.  

Moreover, you do not have to release information like the time you took for the medical recovery unless you are provided with a practical reason from the insurance company. You have every right to deny any unreasonable demand of the insurance company for previous medical records, period of recovery, or any other information that does not concern your claim or the accident.  

  • Approving an IME request 

An independent medical examination is arranged by your insurance company and often is to declare your injuries as minor or even null. The insurance company pays the doctor to examine you heavily to save the company’s money. 

However, you can ensure you put forward specific terms and conditions for your IME. The examination should only have one session and should happen just once, and a written offer for the insurer that the insurance company will be all the charges for it. Additionally, it should be arranged according to the doctor’s convenience and yours.

  • Solve any issues with the insurer

If you face any disagreements when negotiating with your insurer, make sure you resolve them by changing your negotiation methods or getting help from a personal injury lawyer. 

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