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Colorado car accident: Laws drivers should know

The aftermath of a car accident is always overwhelming. If your injuries are serious, this may mean spending huge on medical bills. Loss of wages and other financial losses can mount in no time. If the accident happened because the other driver was negligent, you may have the scope to file a personal injury lawsuit. Consider talking to a Colorado Springs car accident lawyer, who can guide further on your rights. In this post, we are sharing more on car accident laws in Colorado and facts that drivers need to know. 

The statute of limitations

Every state has its own statute of limitations, which allows a specific deadline to file a personal injury lawsuit after an accident. In Colorado, you have three years, to file an injury lawsuit, counting from the date of accident. If the accident resulted in death, the statute of limitations allows two years, from the date of death, for the immediate family to file a wrongful death lawsuit. For using for property damage, the deadline is three years. You have to act within time to seek compensation for your injuries and losses. 

The modified comparative negligence rule

Colorado is a modified comparative negligence state. Take this example – If driver A had 20% share in fault and was awarded $20,000 in settlement, he will eventually get $16,000. In other words, the compensation will be reduced by the driver’s fault in percentage. In case the share of fault is 50% or more, you cannot file a lawsuit. Insurance companies often use the modified comparative negligence rule to their advantage. If you don’t have an attorney, or are unaware of how the personal injury law works, the at-fault driver’s insurer may try to pin the blame on you. 

Reporting an accident

All car accidents in Colorado must be reported, if there was property damage, death, and/or injury involved. You should report the accident to the local sheriff’s office, or call the local police, no matter who was at fault. 

Call an attorney

While not necessary, talking to a car accident lawyer in Colorado can help. You can find more on your claim, what you can expect in settlement, and overall timeline of the case. A good attorney knows what it takes to assess and review car accident claims, and they can ensure that you get a fair settlement. They can also negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. 

Don’t forget to call 911 after a car accident if someone is injured. 

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