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July 10, 2024
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The Ideal Structure For A Law Firm In The Digital Market?

Where do digital marketing for lawyers end and the law firm’s commercial begin? Marketing is not selling; it is providing the conditions for the client to feel comfortable in contacting the law firm and for you to reach a common agreement to define this service provision relationship. The client comes into contact with everyone in the law firm, so it is necessary to organize and offer the first contact with people who know what they are doing, with language alignment and empathy.

“It is important to make it clear that the consultation will be paid for before talking about money, so the person is not surprised by the information. And this is not difficult because after reading well-prepared content on the blog, she arrives at the office ready to invest in this solution that we can offer”, concludes the lawyer.

If you are still afraid to deliver your knowledge as a specialist lawyer on your law firm’s website as a tool to promote your legal marketing strategy, review your planning and believe in the content as a showcase for your services.

How To Prevent Whatsapp Hugging Your Productivity!

Due to the extreme ease of sending a message via WhatsApp, it is common to have successful cases in our legal marketing actions that end up causing inconvenience to clients, precisely because they are not prepared to respond to a significant volume of messages and, mainly, because they do not have defined “rules” that will facilitate time management without disrupting productivity.

In addition to using the script suggested in topic 5 (fundamental to speed up responses), we recommend that you do not keep your notifications visible. Reason – statistically, each interruption during your workday takes around 7 to 14 minutes for you to be able to return to the main focus; that is, if you stop answering WhatsApp at all times, you will certainly not be able to reach the end of the day with the feeling of having been productive.

Another fundamental rule that we suggest you pay special attention to is the use of WhatsApp in the communication of your customers with a closed contract. We suggest that you establish the rules of what should or should not be answered by the application, preserving the confidentiality and security of the information (we have already heard cases in which the customer’s WhatsApp was being used by someone else to obtain sensitive information). Another form of prevention is entering a value for “WhatsApp consultations” on matters not agreed upon in the contract. These small details will help maintain a healthy relationship with the customer.

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