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Pet Injury In A Car Accident: How Injury Attorney Can Help In Las Vegas

A national survey found that 67% of American households have pets as their family members. It is very common for people in Las Vegas or the entire USA to travel with their pets. Often human beings face road accidents sometimes leading to loss of life. In case you are traveling with pets, any injury caused is claimable.

It is very common for people to travel with pets, but accidents are inevitable. Whether minor or major, injuries can affect your life badly. What most pet owners do not know is that they can claim compensation for their pet injury. You can hire a local attorney to be compensated for injury or loss of life.

Claiming for pet injures is different from that of a human being in terms of legal process and compensation. There are a set of rules defined by law when you file a case. If you are new to pet injury rules, here are some of the facts that you should know before filing a lawsuit.

Limited and Very Specific Rules for Pet injury
Under Nevada law, a pet is also considered property by law. So, the pet owner has the option to file a suit under the property liability coverage. However, there are certain limitations and the law is very specific in granting compensation. As per the laws:

  • The pet owner cannot claim pain and suffering for their pets
  • The law is applicable only for domestic dogs and cats. If you have other animals or birds, they are not covered under the law.
  • The owner can claim reasonable attorney fees of the local attorney fighting for the case.
  • In case the pet dies or is killed, the owner can claim only for the burial expenses and the market value of the pet.
  • The pet owner can claim for veterinary costs and the market value of the pet.
  • The compensation limit is set to $5000 for each pet involved in the accident.

Legal Proof Of The Expenses Are Mandatory To Preserve
Pet owners should keep a record of all the veterinary expenses incurred in the treatment. It includes medical bills, receipt of medicines, and anything extra prescribed by the doctor. These receipts are proof of the expenses that you incur for your pet’s treatment. It is the major evidence that helps the attorney for a pet injury claim.

To most Americans, pets are a part of their family. They must know their legal rights when they are injured. If you and your pet are injured in a car accident, you need to speak with a qualified car accident attorney. They are experienced and specialists in filing and fighting the compensation for you.

They ensure justice with full and final settlement in case of injury or death caused by the car accident. Some law firms offer free consultancy services before filing your case. List out and check their details. You can also schedule an appointment with them at your convenience.

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