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3 Important queries related to divorce in Utah 

Filing for divorce is never an easy decision. Like most people, you probably don’t much about family laws, and without legal advice, mistakes can happen. In Utah, you can either file for no-fault or fault-based divorce. If you have made up your mind about filing for divorce, meeting a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer is a wise choice. A good attorney can guide on the important aspects that concern your divorce in particular. In this post, we are answering 3 common queries related to divorce in Utah. 

  • What exactly is default divorce?

When a spouse files for divorce in Utah, the other spouse (the respondent) should respond within the allotted time. If the respondent is not living in Utah, the court can grant some more time, under limited circumstances. However, if there is no response or communication from the respondent, the petitioner can file for what is called a default divorce. 

  • How long does it take to get divorced in Utah?

Like other states, there are residency requirements in Utah, as well. Either or both of the spouses must have lived in the county for at least 3 months before filing for divorce. There is also a mandatory waiting period in Utah, before which the court will not pass the divorce order. Also, divorcing parents must complete parental education classes in Utah before divorce is granted. There are very limited and extraordinary circumstances when the mandatory waiting period can be waived. The willingness of a couple to resolved the important issues between themselves also determines the length or time need for the divorce.

  • Is it mandatory to hire a divorce attorney in Utah?

No. As far as laws are concerned, you don’t need to hire an attorney. However, it would be the wisest thing to do. Divorces are complicated, and considering this is an emotional and stressful time, people often end up making mistakes that impact their interests and rights. At the same time, any mistake with the paperwork may drag the divorce. You need an attorney, because you don’t handle legal matters that you don’t understand. Most divorce attorneys and lawyers in Utah work on an hour fee, or may work on a retainer basis. Costs depend on several factors, but hiring a lawyer always pays off. 

If you are facing divorce in Utah, don’t forget to talk to an attorney at least once. A skilled attorney can offer a realistic overview of your options.  

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