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Some Common Myths About Whistleblowing

The term “whistleblower” is often used to describe an individual who reports information about a company’s illegal activity. This illegal activity ranges from things such as fraud, sexual harassment, and environmental violations. While many think of whistleblowers as heroes, they are actually a type of employee that can be quite detrimental to their employer. And oftentimes, employers try to defame whistleblowers or terminate them from the company. Therefore, several laws have been framed for the protection of whistleblowers. Whistleblowers can seek the help of charlotte nc employment law attorneys if they are denied any of their protection rights.

While the number of whistleblowers has increased over the past several years, not all whistleblowers are as heroic as they’re made out to be. Some even believe that whistleblowing should be discouraged and should only be done if there is a true emergency or fraud. The first myth about whistleblowing is that everyone who blows the whistle tells the truth.

Let us now see some of the common myths about whistleblowing.

3 Myths About Whistleblowers

  • Whistleblowers destroy company’s reputation

Some organizations believe that whistleblowers destroy the reputation of the organization. This is not always the case, as some organizations have a culture that encourages, rewards, and protects those who come forward with new information. 

There are also policies in place to provide protection for those who make accusations about superiors or violations of law or company policy. Organizations should take steps to protect their employees from retaliation for speaking out against bad practices.

  • Whistleblowers should fear retaliation from colleagues

There is a misconception that whistleblowing is a negative action. In reality, whistleblowing is often admired for disclosing unethical and illegal behavior. A whistleblower is someone who reveals wrongdoing in an organization, typically from within the organization. In many cases, whistleblowers are praised for uncovering their employers’ corruption or other illegal actions.

  • Whistleblower floods the company with reports

One of the most common myths about whistleblowing is that the whistleblower floods the company with reports and complaints. The truth is that whistleblowers often approach their managers or human resources department with one complaint. However, suppose these complaints are ignored or not dealt with appropriately. In that case, they may submit a formal written complaint to an outside agency such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or even file a lawsuit against the employer.

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