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Philadelphia personal injury case: Answering top questions

If you have suffered injuries because of someone’s negligence or wrongdoing, you can sue them to recover compensation for your damages. The compensation is meant to cover your losses like medical bills, long-term care, lost wages, and lost future income. Winning an injury lawsuit in Pennsylvania isn’t always simple. The at-fault party will typically deny their fault, and proving wrongdoing requires adequate evidence. Working with one of Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys can help your case. For your help, we have shared the top questions related to such cases. 

What to do after sustaining injuries in a possible case? 

Before anything else, consider seeking medical attention. Even if your injuries don’t seem that severe, you should definitely meet a doctor. Let the physician know how you got injured and ask them to keep a record of the treatment and emergency medical care provided. Next, report the accident to the relevant authority. In case of a car accident, don’t forget to wait until the police come to the scene. If witnesses are at the scene, take down their names and contact details. As required, inform your insurance company and contact an attorney. 

Should you hire a personal injury lawyer?

The short answer is yes. Just because you are injured doesn’t always imply that you have a valid personal injury case. Consider talking to an attorney to get an assessment of the case. Most personal injury law firms in Philadelphia will be happy to offer a free initial meeting to discuss your possible case. An experienced attorney can help determine the worth of your lawsuit and what to expect moving forward. 

How much does it cost to hire an attorney?

It is typical for personal injury attorneys to work on a contingency fee. The lawyer doesn’t get a fee if you don’t get a financial settlement from the other party. In some cases, especially if the evidence is strong and a high settlement is expected, the lawyer may advance other expenses until the client is paid. The contingency fee of personal injury lawyers can vary but doesn’t generally exceed 40% of the final settlement. 

Consider hiring an attorney before you talk to the claims adjuster or negotiate with the other party. They know what it takes to evaluate a case and will do everything to gather evidence to prove your side. You can take this time to recover from your injuries. Before hiring an attorney, ensure that they have experience representing clients at trial.

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